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Shadow Making Service provides a perfect outcome, particularly for commercial needs. For displaying products, shadow-making services are more crucial since they make images more alluring. Shadow production service is necessary for product images to improve their glitz or appearance. Any image that is in a lighting position needs a shadow. If your product doesn’t have one, don’t worry. Our quality experts can organically add any form of shadow to it.

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Types Of Shadow Making Services


Drop Shadow

Drop shadow refers to raising or increasing the shadow slightly above the background. Drop shadow services primarily assist e-commerce businesses in retailing their online products.

Natural Shadow

You must use a natural shadow when editing or creating visual effects with images. Our expert designer understands where the natural shadow is ideal and where it is not. So don’t be concerned about having a large image for shadow creation.

Existing or Cast a Shadow

Many of our clients want the original shadow from the original images, but they want a different background.This time, we clip the path first, then remove the background and add the original shadow. We keep the original’s shadow with the appropriate transparency and opacity levels. However, depending on the needs of their clients, they may require handmade shadows in some cases.

Reflection Shadow/Mirror Effect

When you want to remove an object that isn’t a solid background and looks odd, you create a reflection shadow. Then it would help if you cast a shadow. This type of shadow is most commonly seen in e-commerce product images. When we make this type of shadow, it resembles a bowl or lucid glass. It is pointless to create a reflection shadow because it is only used for marketing purposes.

Realistic Drop Shadow

A realistic drop shadow is a style of shadow that creates the appearance of depth, with a drop-shaped shadow on the lower half of an object. Realistic drop shadows are used when you want to create an illusion that something is behind or under another object, and they can also be used to make objects look more 3D.


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Get our quality services for free for up to 2 images. Try it now!

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Frequently Ask Questions!

What is Shadow Creation Service?

Shadow creation services help in making photography images more attractive to buyers by creating a shadow under the product. There are several benefits of shadow services. The most important one is making the product more realistic. After background removal through clipping path services, the image looks like it’s floating, which makes it appear unrealistic. So, our designers add various shadow effects to the photo to make it look real and natural.

When are Shadow creation services needed?

Shadow creation services are most useful after background removal services to make the photo more realistic and natural. It is also helpful when photographers don’t take perfect shots of products. 

How can I send my photos to you?

You can mail us the photo directly or upload it to google drive, Dropbox, or any cloud storage server and share the link. You can also ask us to create an FTP gateway to share your photos securely.


What if I am not satisfied with your service?

Our team is competent and technologically-equipped in providing the best shadow-making services in the market. We are bound to work for you unless you are completely satisfied with the result. Therefore, we offer unlimited revisions. To check the quality of our work, you can always send us an image for a free trial.

What will be the final format of the complete file?

We can send you the final edited images in any format you want, be it in jpeg, PSD, png, raw, gif, etc.


How do you ensure the security of my photos?

We have a strong privacy policy that ensures 100% safety of your photos. We don’t share your images with any third parties or use them for commercial or promotional purposes. We also don’t allow our personnel to use or share your images or take them outside the workplace. All your photos are securely stored in our system with a strong firewall and anti-virus protection.