Ghost Mannequin

Our Ghost Mannequin Service is perfect for clothing and other products that are difficult to photograph on a traditional mannequin. By removing the mannequin from the photo altogether, we are able to create a sleek and modern look that is sure to grab attention. We also offer a variety of finishes, in order to let you go with the one that best suits your style. 

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Types Of Ghost Mannequin Services

 Ghost mannequin service Neck Joint

Our ghost mannequin online or dummy removal service begins here. Selecting the neck portion and erasing the dummy after filling in the gap with another image.

Apparel products, such as shirts, tops, jackets, and blazers, can enlarge the neck region with image retouching services. The ideal candidates for this service are frequently well-known apparel companies like Hermes, Ralph, Chanel, Prada, Lauren, Burberry, House of Versace, and many others. DGclick promises to provide its customers with the greatest professional ghost mannequin service at the most competitive pricing.

Ghost mannequin service Bottom Joint

Clothing items occasionally have a long tail or back. It has to be removed from the dummy during post-processing by professionals. Take the dummy out of the fabric. The neck-joint service editor joined the bottom piece to the middle piece, which you removed from the back with the same products. Therefore, an expert is required for two-part photographs, such as the front and rear parts.

The one with the dummy is one, and the back is another. Our professional ghost mannequin photo editing services guarantee precise photo cutout and bottom joint service for joining the back and front pieces.

Ghost mannequin service Sleeve joint

For garments with long sleeves such as suits, sleeve joint maintenance is required. Experts leave several empty sleeves behind the sleeve portion when they remove the dummy from the garment. Without joining the sleeve half, this gap in the inner area may impact your items and look unattractive or pointless.

Experts add the sleeve portion by cutting it out of a full image sleeve. When you complete the missing element, you must pay closer attention to this service. You must remember that the buyer never realizes that this sleeve element was previously added. It means that you must apply some shade to the editing area.


If you need the best ghost mannuequin Service and know how to create ghost mannequin effect, then contact DGClick, the best ghost mannequin photo editing company in India.


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Get our quality services for free for up to 2 images. Try it now!

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Frequently Ask Questions!

What is ghost mannequin effect in photo editing?

Also known as the invisible mannequin effect, the ghost mannequin refers to the process of removing real mannequin bodies from apparels photograph, offering the full shape and contour of the outfit you are displaying on your website. 

Apparel photographers can take multiple product photographs from different angles by putting the costume on a mannequin or a model. Then, all the photos are combined to remove the model or mannequin from the product, giving it a lifelike and natural appearance.

What Kind of Ghost Mannequin Services do you provide?

We provide all types of ghost mannequin services, including neck joint, bottom joint, sleeves joint, gown joint, t-shirt ghost mannequin effect, and Ghost Mannequin Shadow Effect.

What Are The Benefits Of Ghost Mannequin Effects?

Using a visually-alluring content on your website can create a first impression among your visitors. When it comes to grabbing eyeballs, nothing can help you more than using ghost mannequin services. 

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer free trials that include up to three images, so you can check the quality of the work we provide.

How do I get started with ghost mannequin services at

It’s super easy; just send us a picture including your requirements, project size, delivery expectation date, name, phone number, or email address. We will send you the complete file, including a price quote.

Would I get a discount for a bulk order?

Yes, we offer special discounts for bulk orders. Contact our customer services to know more.